Harwood Booster Club
Est. 1983

Harwoood Boosters Club
Mission Statement
Mission:  The Harwood Booster Club is a group of Parents, Students, Administrators and Staff, working together to support all co-curricular and extracurricular activities at Harwood Union High School to enhance our students’ learning experience. We will promote enthusiastic participation to strengthen our programs and create an environment where all students will thrive.
Guiding Principle:  We believe that promoting positive and active collaboration and communication within our community will build a strong social capital for our students and instill in them a lifetime of social connections and awareness.
Process: The Club is a non-profit 501c3 organization that will utilize both grant opportunities and fundraising activities to follow its mission and guiding principal by:
  • Raising funds to be disbursed through the Harwood Activities Club for various co-curricular programs in accordance with Harwood Union High School policies.
  • Institute and fund a program in which scholarships will be available to graduating seniors for continuing their education through an application process that is fair and unbiased in any way.
  • Promote student enthusiasm and attendance for all co-curricular activities at Harwood establishing heartfelt school spirit and pride.
  • Develop an organization that embeds recruitment and retention of Members for continued success for years to come to include Parents, Students, staff and the community at large.  
Adopted 11/30/2015